5 Simple Ways to Banish Pet Hair

If you have pets, you know that the struggle to keep pet hair from clinging to carpets, rugs, and furniture is real.

Here are 5 quick and easy ways to rid your home of pet hair using items you likely already have around the house!


  1. In Love with the Glove. – Rub a slightly damp rubber glove over your furniture or carpet.  The hair will stick to the glove and come up in large bundles.  Since you’re wearing the gloves, it makes it easy to grab the clumps. Rinse the gloves with clean water and repeat if necessary.
  2. Easy Squeegee. – Similar to the rubber glove method, the pet hair will stick to the rubber on the end of the squeegee.  Rub the squeegee across the surface in long, sweeping movements to gather clumps of hair as you go
  3. Party Favorite, Hair Nemesis – Everyone loves balloons, except pet hair.  Rub a balloon on the surface that has attracted the pet hair and the rubber will loosen those stubborn strands.  The static electricity will attract the hair, so it also makes it easier for the hair to be picked up.
  4. Suck it up – Grab your vacuum.  If there is a few layers of hair on the couch you can combine this method with any of the others listed above.  As you rub along the couch and make clumps of hair, you can simply vacuum them up.  This method is great because it keeps hair from flying in the air and resettling on the furniture.
  5. Sticky Situation – Wrap tape around your hand with the sticky side out.  Rub along the furniture using the front, back, and sides of your hand until the tape is covered.  Then, just discard the tape and rewrap your hand until all of the pet hair is removed.


What’s your favorite pet hair removal technique?

5 Reasons Why Clutter Could Get You Fired

A home office or a disorganized work desk can spell disaster for a career. A nest of clutter can result in lots of problems professionally and hinder career growth. An overly cluttered workspace can create negative momentum and energy and cause serious job ramifications. Here are five reasons why clutter could get you fired:


  1. Productivity Pause-Clutter can cloud thinking and make simple tasks much more intensive. A clean and orderly desk can translate to a more organized office at work or in a home office.
  2. Lost Paper Trail-Whether it’s an important contract or letter, losing critical documents can seriously impair the ability to keep clients or build a business.
  3. Tackling the Tortoise-A cluttered physical workspace or a cluttered computer can cost hours of wasted time. Valuable hours spent searching for files or papers could result in fewer hours of efficient and productive work time.
  4. Mess Stress-Lots of time spent agonizing over missing documents can lead to irritability and agitation. Clutter creates more feelings of loss of control and enhances frustration levels.
  5. Importance of Impression-A disorganized and cluttered desk can send a negative message. Presentation is important and it’s best to show co-workers, family and bosses that you’re capable and efficient rather than a messy or disorganized.

Climb that career ladder! Contact our maid service team and we’ll help you get your home or work office neat and clean!

4 Ways to Help You Start Your Spring-Cleaning Routine

Spring is a time of renewal.  It’s also a time to dust off your cleaning shoes (literally) and clean up your home.  Even if you do spring cleaning every year, it can still be difficult to get started.


Here are 4 quick tips for your spring-cleaning journey!

4. Prioritize.  When it comes to spring cleaning, you want to make sure that you don’t get in over your head.  To keep from getting overwhelmed, make a list of each room in your home and make a checklist of items that need to be cleaned in each room.  Prioritize the rooms in order of importance to you.  

IE: If your kitchen, living area, and guest bathroom are the most important areas to you, focus on these areas first.


3.Organize.  As you move through your home, think of ways to make your home more efficient.  If you have storage solutions, make sure that these are being used properly.

*Remember to think outside the box when it comes to storage options.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money on plastic bins and boxes.  Repurpose old items that you already have on hand such as old wooden boxes or glass jars.


2. Downsize.  As you spring clean, evaluate everything in your home. If it’s something that you no longer use, or it’s broken or damaged, it may be time to let it go.  Whether you toss it, donate it, or sell it, you’ll feel better once you get rid of it.

*Don’t fill our landfills with items that someone might find useful.  There are plenty of local places to donate home goods, furniture, and clothing.

1. Recognize when you need some help.  When it comes to spring-cleaning, asking for help is not a negative thing. Heather’s Cleaning Service is here to help.  Give us a call today and we will get you on schedule as soon as possible!  (302) 249-7660.  We would love to take care of the spring-cleaning for you!

6 Simple Ways to Make Your House Smell Fresh

After being cooped up all winter, your house could probably use some freshening.  Say “Buh-Bye” to winter and hello to spring with these awesome ways to ditch that stale winter air!


  1. Let Some Sunshine in

We always hear about environmental toxins, but in actuality, indoor air can contain 2 to 5 times as many contaminants than the outside air.  Open up those windows!  (Also consider freshening your linens and pillows naturally by letting them sit in the sun.)


  1. Freshen Your Filters

Before you turn on your AC, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the filter.  This will allow the aroma to fill each and every room easily.  Also consider adding a few drops to your vacuum filter.  It will also help spread the scent, and will also kill any bacteria that may have taken up residence in the vacuum.


  1. Simmer Some Scents

Fill a pot with water, add your own combination of fruits, whole herbs, spices, and extracts, and heat to boiling.  Once the mixture is boiling, lower the temperature and you can allow it to simmer all day long.  As it simmers the scent will spread throughout your home!


  1. Natural Aromas

Try growing herbs in your kitchen.  The natural smell of the herbs will add an effortless fresh scent to your kitchen.  (Plus, they will inspire you to make culinary masterpieces that will make your home smell even better!)


  1. Freshen Fabrics

Grab an empty spray bottle and mix 2 T baking soda, 2 T vinegar, 10 drops of essential oil, and fill the rest with hot water.  The baking soda and vinegar will destroy fabric odors and the essential oil will leave behind a refreshing scent.


  1. Vanilla House

Nothing smells more like home than classic vanilla.  Add 2 T pure vanilla extract to an oven safe mug or dish and heat in a 300-degree oven for one hour.  Your whole house will soon smell good enough to eat!


What’s your favorite tip for getting rid of that stale winter aroma?


Homemade Gift Baskets for any Occasion

No matter what the occasion, gift baskets are the ultimate gift.  They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be, you have complete control of the cost, and the possibilities are endless!


Here is a quick list of the top reasons to give a gift basket, and a few great items to add to them!  Don’t forget.  A housecleaning gift card makes an amazing addition to any gift basket.  Give us a call at (302) 249-7660 to purchase a cleaning gift card today!


Shaping young minds is an amazing job.  A teacher gift basket is an amazing way to say “thank you for putting up with my sweet, adorable, slightly hyperactive child.”

Colorful office supplies


Starbucks gift card

Teacher supply store gift card

Hand sanitizer

Lotion and other beauty items

New Neighbor/Housewarming

When someone moves into a new home, a creative gift basket filled with goodies can really help them through the first few weeks.



Homemade cleaning products

Salt, spices, and cooking oils

Oven mitts and kitchen towels

Spatulas and utensils

Cookies or snacks

Birthday Basket

Gift baskets are perfect for birthdays because they can be completely customized to fit the person’s personal preferences.


Women’s Gift Basket Contents:

Nail polish and other manicure items

Lotions or facemasks


Romantic comedy DVDs

Chocolate or salty snacks


Men’s Gift Basket Contents:

Fishing gear

Car cleaning essentials

“Guy snacks” like nuts, salsas, or popcorn

Action DVDs

iTunes or Google Play gift cards

Poker chips

New Mom

Having a child is an amazing and wonderful gift…  And so are these awesome items!



Hand sanitizer

Lavender essential oil


Gum and snacks

Spa gift cards

Get Well

When someone you know is feeling under the weather, let them know that you care with a basket full of get-well goodies.



Book or funny movie

Cold medicine

Tea, lemon, and honey

Canned soup and crackers

Hand sanitizer

Box of tissues

Hopefully this list will spark up some ideas so that you can put together fantastic gift baskets for your friends and loved ones.


5 All-Natural Body and Face Exfoliators

Winter skin can be dry and parched. Sloughing off dead skin cells is the only way to truly allow moisturizers and serums to revitalize the skin. When there are less flaky layers on top of the face, all other products will work better and give the skin needed hydration. Here are our picks for five natural skin care face exfoliants (p.s. they’re probably already in your home!):


  1. Salt-A superior option for rough and dry patches on the feet or elbows, salt is a perfect way to refresh and renew skin. A little too abrasive for the face, it makes a great body scrub when mixed with essential oils. We like this DIY Eucalyptus and Peppermint Cold Fighting Scrub


  1. Sugar-A scrub without the sting, finer sugar is perfect as a light face exfoliant. It also can be used for the body and lips. We love this Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub,  which will calm chapped skin and resurface gently.


  1. Oats-While most people have this pantry staple in their kitchens, it can be used for more than just breakfast but as a gentle scrub as well. Try this Homemade Oatmeal Scrub for soothing winter skin.


  1. Coffee-Perfect for its magical cellulite busting powers, coffee can also benefit ragged and rough feet. We love this Cinnamon Coffee Body Scrub as it energizes and firms.


  1. Rice-With a gentle texture, rice granules can be used in scrubs for the face and body. We’re partial to this simple Rice Face Scrub that is ideal even for sensitive skin types.


Do you have a DIY natural beauty product you love? Let us know in the comments!


Top 5 Card Games for a Cold Winter Day

When the temperatures drop, it’s a great time to spend the evening with your family.  Card games are a family favorite because they don’t take up much space and they can easily be played around a coffee table.


Here are the top 5 card games to play with your family tonight!


5.   Uno – It’s hard to compete with a classic. Uno has been a household staple since Mattel bought the game in 1992.  Just like riding a bike, if you haven’t played in a while, you will pick the game up again quickly.  Uno is also great for the younger students to help them get more acquainted with colors and numbers.


4. Phase 10 This is game of luck and skill takes you through 10 phases where you have specific goals of sets and runs of cards to get together.  The first person to finish the last phase with the lowest score is the winner.  You can also play half of the phases instead of all 10 if you need a shorter game.


3. Skip-Bo – Think of Skip-Bo as a game of solitaire without the solitude.  The point of the game is to get rid of the cards in your “pile” while blocking other players from making moves.  The game adds a twist with tons of “Skip-Bo” cards that play like wild cards.  Skip-Bo will quickly become a family favorite.


2. Rummy – The object of the game is to get rid of your cards in either sets of three or four of a kind, or a “run” of cards in order of the same suit.  Since Rummy is played with a regular deck of cards, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with special decks to be able to play.  (Plus, a simple pre-game count to 52 assures you that you have all of the required cards.)


1.Poker – Again, this is another classic that is hard to argue with.  The rules are easy, plus it has the added benefit of being able to make fun family bets.  Oh yes.  (It’s all fun and games until whoever loses has to salt the driveway.)


Have a family favorite card game?  Leave us a comment to let us know!


Quick Tips to Clean a House in a Hurry

Conquer Clutter.  The best way to make speed cleaning a breeze is to be prepared.  Set your mind on having a household with minimal clutter, and evaluate where you can add in extra storage solutions so items are out of sight while still being accessible if needed.  Don’t be afraid to give away unwanted items.

Keep your supplies organized.  Each room in your home has certain tools that make clean-up easy and fast.  If you keep a small caddy stocked with supplies and ready to go, you can just grab it and get started as soon as you realize that company is headed over.

A typical caddy will include:

All-Purpose cleaner (Vinegar and water works well for this purpose)

Baking Soda

Rubber gloves


Feather Duster

Trash Bags


You will also need:

2 Empty Laundry Baskets

A vacuum that cleans hard floors as well as carpets


Prioritize the areas you clean.  If you have guests coming over and are very short on time, focus on the common areas such as the kitchen, living area, and guest bathrooms.  (Now is probably not the time to worry about reorganizing your closet or categorizing your child’s toy boxes.)

Put all of your random items in one basket.  Place any items that don’t belong into a laundry basket.  Bring the basket with you from room to room and, if time permits, put away items as you reach their destined location.  If you’re pressed for time, you can hide the basket in a closet so you can sort through it when you have more time.

Let’s see a little cleaning enthusiasm!  Everyone is motivated to clean for different reasons.  If an unexpected guest’s imminent arrival isn’t encouragement enough, find your own way to make it happen.  Grab a cleaning partner or two and have a race to see who can clean a room faster, or turn up some up-beat music to clean along with the beat.  Find what gets you motivated and get to cleaning!


What’s your favorite quick clean tip?  Leave us a comment below to let us know!


Top 5 Flooring Choices for Easy Maintenance

If you’re tired of cleaning splatters, stains and spills off your floor, odds are you’ve got a space that needs a reboot. If you’re interested in finding a new floor that is low maintenance and requires less cleaning and TLC, then these are the floors that will help you keep your days of squatting and scrubbing to a minimum.

1.) Vinyl-Similar to plastic, this flooring option is a practical and affordable way to outfit a kitchen. Easy to clean, this flooring can come as a floating, sheet or tile-style. Very resistant to staining and nearly spill proof, this family friendly surface is easy to cloth clean and wipe free of smudges and spots. It’s also highly resistant to scratches, indents and markings.

2.) Natural Stone-An excellent option for those homeowners looking to add texture and earthy element to their residences, these floors require only occasional sealing. A benefit to speckled slate or granite is that stains are harder to detect and are covertly camouflaged. Marble and onyx are the least friendly options for a busy family or a household where spills occur regularly. Hard stones like slate and granite are usually the best choice for a floor that is easy to care for and keep up.

3.) Laminate Wood Floors-Though they appear as sleek as their hardwood counterparts, these floors offer a host of benefits. When laminated and finished with a plastic coating, hardwood imitation floors are resistant to scratches and damage. Laminate is also easy to install and has a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic.

4.) Ceramic Kitchen Floors-Available in a variety of styles from black tile to white speckled to glossy cream, these floors have many of the advantages of natural stone, as they’re fairly formidable and look stingingly similar. Sealing is not necessary with ceramic, but grout coating can minimize the chance for mold.

5.) Concrete Slab Floors-Perhaps the easiest surface to wipe clean, these shiny floors can be sealed and are extremely durable and long lasting. The material is tough and fixes are relatively inexpensive. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping is all that is required to make these floors clean and sheen.

How to Organize Your Refrigerator to Maximize Efficiency

All refrigerator sections aren’t created equal.  Some areas are colder or warmer than others, which means that there are certain sections that are perfect for storing specific types of foods.


Here’s a handy list of where you should be storing your food!


Top Shelves – These are going to hold a very constant temperature.  These are great for storing dairy such as yogurt and milk.


Middle Sections – These sections are going to be prime real estate to place things that you want hungry eyes to see when they first open the door.  Any leftovers that you want to be eaten first and healthy snacks are great for the middle section.


Bottom Shelf – This is actually where your refrigerator will be the coldest.  Any raw meats, fish, and poultry should be kept on the bottom shelf.  This is actually the section of your refrigerator that will be the coldest.  (I also recommend having a specific plastic bin on the bottom shelf to keep meat juices and blood from leaking out onto your shelf and possibly into the fruit and veggie drawers.)


High-Humidity Drawer – Your veggies need to be placed in the drawer set at a higher humidity level.


Low-Humidity Drawer – Fruits require a lower humidity level.


*Some fruits (apples, honeydews, and figs) emit ethylene gas, which will break down leafy green veggies.  Make sure that you never store fruits in the same drawer as vegetables.


Refrigerator Door – This is going to be the area that is the warmest, so it is a great place to store pickles and condiments, which usually contain natural preservatives like vinegar and salt.


Storing your cold food properly will maximize your grocery budget by extending the life of your food.
What’s your favorite cold food storage tip?  Leave us a comment below!